Pinterest, swim suits and training time…..


Two of our projects this week…..homemade Popsicles and stuffed toys from old gloves. 

Jaspy and I have been busy Pinteresting up a storm.   First I made power bowls for dinner from a Pinterest recipe and they were so good, we inhaled them before I took a picture.  Lots of steps though with lots of different roasted veggies and the homemade avocado lime topping.  Super good but not a fast meal.  Next we made vegan  strawberry cream Popsicles.  I thought these were incredible, but Jasper hated them because they were icy, which probably means all Popsicles will be a fail to him.  If you’ve never done whipped coconut cream before, try it.  It’s so delicious.   I prefer it over regular whipped cream.  Then he wanted to make homemade stuffed animals.  I am NOT crafty and have pretty poor sewing skills.  But we tried.  This one was actually based on a library book, but we’ve got another one we are trying off Pinterest tonight.  I love that we are keeping busy so far this summer!

I am super excited because fall marathon training is about to start.  Today I hit the hills for 14 miles and could tell I hadn’t done them in awhile.   Ouch.  I’m still keeping up at least one 5k workout a week since I have another one in September that I registered for.  The 5k training seems to have helped.  I’ve done a couple marathon pace runs on shorter distances and can finally say I was successful.  Now I need to work on keeping marathon pace for longer runs.  I’m about the most untalented runner out there so it’s very exciting to see that a few weeks of changing things and adding the speed work has actually made a difference.  I think this whole 5k training thing will happen again.   It works!

Jaspy started his new school this week that he’ll also go to for after school care in the fall.  The stress level was noticeably down this week since my often 90 minute commute dropped to about 45 minutes without the trip to his old school. The new school is 2 minutes from our house and Jasper is much happier not sitting in traffic for an hour after he gets off school.   I’ve had a little more time in the evening to get the dogs a nice walk.  We still get home and have to jump right into dinner time in order to get to bed at a decent hour, but the shorter commute still helps overall.   He’s done well at the new school too…it’s more “classroom” like, but I think he was ready for the change.   

We also started non stop swimming.   We swim 3-4 days of the week all summer.  My hair will be fried, my face broken out from constant sunscreen, and I’ll start the hunt for a swimsuit that isn’t a complete disaster.   I’m pretty old and have never had a swimsuit that I thought was flattering, but a girl can dream, right?  And the really bad part is, the older you get, the less flattering anything looks, let alone swimsuits.  Sigh…..

So this week it’s time to sit down with a calendar and plan marathon workouts.   I love doing that.    Fall seems so, so far away when we’re hitting the pool everyday and planning water park trips, but it really is time to start doing the work.    Plus the work may help in the swimsuit fitting dept.


1 thought on “Pinterest, swim suits and training time…..”

  1. Please keep sharing the delicious recipes that you find. I’m glad you have the new Apple watch, looks like fun!

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