A while back Mike asked me if I wanted an Apple watch and I said “no” when I found out it doesn’t have GPS.   Plus, I didn’t think I wanted the clutter in my life of activity tracking.  I’ve stayed out of the FitBit world thus far, and only do Daily Mile since friends do it.   The other day I came home from work and found a package waiting for me…..a new Apple watch.  Mike said his work offered a one time deal on them to employees too good to pass up.  When someone gets you an incredibly generous and awesome gift….you do not poo-poo it since it has no GPS…hence my new project.  I figured I needed to at least try and get this watch to work for me.  

I’ve stayed up way too late the last couple nights watching tutorial videos.  The watch has a pedometer which supposedly will learn your pacing if you run with your phone a few times which has very accurate GPS.  I am not a phone runner wither.  One thing I love about running is its elegant simplicity.  It requires shoes only.  Why clutter it up?  I sometimes listened  to music in my ultra days and I do watch movies on the iPad when I treadmill, but outside solo running is my zen time and I don’t want my phone.  So the last couple days, I stashed my phone in a waist pack, but wasn’t that bad (not a fan of armbands), and headed out with the Apple watch on and my GPS watch on to compare it to.  Yes, you got that right….I had two watches and a waist pack which is a fancy way of saying a fanny pack.   And I wonder why I was never popular in school….

The watch is quite simple to use.   I’m still playing with it quite a bit as it does so much.  It seems very accurate for pace and distance, but I’ve only run and walked with it for two days now and I brought my phone.  I’m also going to try Strava as a running log as it syncs with the health app that goes on the phone.  Do I care how many steps I take a day?  No, I really don’t.  But like I said, since I found myself unexpectedly gifted with something really nice, I figure I’ll make the most of it and try it.  I’m going to continue to run with my phone for a few more days then try it without and see if it really “learned ” my running.  If it does, it will be a really awesome watch as there is no waiting for syncing with satellites which any garmin user knows is the huge flaw in all GPS watches.  I’ve still got some learning but it’s a fun little project in the evenings.    I’m not throwing out my GPS watch quite yet, but I’m thinking I may get this thing to work for me. 

Of note.,..this fancy watch isn’t really claiming to be a tool for long distance running.  It’s more like a fitness tracker.  And Apple couldn’t possibly have thought there are a lot of people out there that wanted a watch to pace them on a 20 miler.   They did enlist a model to promote it who did a blog on their site that chronicles her training for a marathon.  She ended up using it more than planned and it will also track treadmill miles…..nice!  

So yeah, something I didn’t think I would like has turned into a fun little project.  And an excuse to wear a fanny pack….


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