Geekin’ out…


Post school gummy worms, Italian ice, and check out who’s photo bombing me while I play with my watch…

I’m on day 6 of being an activity tracking geek.  Loving it!  First off, I love Strava.  Why didn’t I discover this sooner?  (Sorta like Pinterest).  Yes, you have to run with a phone, but I love my post run maps and I even have a route that apparently has segments on it others have ran, so I get ranked.   I’ve been wearing my new watch and have yet to try its accuracy sans phone. There’s actually not a ton of info online from folks who have run with the Apple watch a lot.  Lots of general reviews and they all say the same thing “this is not a watch for serious runners”.  I would disagree and say it’s not a watch for serious run loggers.  You get pace, distance, heart rate, calories, elapsed time, and average pace.   That’s a lot, but some folks track each interval, each split and it definitely can’t do swimming for triathletes.    My only wish is that you got each mile’s time as you go.   You just get  your average  mile pace at the end and for pacing just need to keep an eye on pace as you go, or watch the cumulative time if you were wearing in a race.   So after 6 days, I think I’m switching to the Apple watch for running.  If I had to pace a marathon again it may be tricky,  but for my own  racing it should work fine.  And I think I’ve converted to a phone runner wither.  I really like the run just dumping right into a log.  Of note, until all the cool run apps came out, I never kept a log.  It just seemed like another task, but with the apps it sorta a fun thing to do.  So yep, full geek mode.

I’ll still never be one to “analyze my data.”   For one…it would be depressing.  “oh look, I really was slower after a giant piece of cheesecake last night”. But my new geek toys are fun.

The weekend’s running was a mixed bag.  Jasper woke up at 4am Saturday and I wasted and hour and a half trying to get him to go back to sleep.  I ended up late getting out for my run and had to cut it a little short.  I ran two of my hill loops which is almost too hard of a run.  It was just too hard to hit a good pace with hills that frequent.  Then today I headed out and without warning a huge downpour hit.  I’m ok with getting soaked once I’m already out, but it was raining so hard it was difficult to really run efficiently and I slowed pretty dang good.    I did make it to afternoon yoga class, and Sunday is a tough one, so I’m pretty beat tonight.   This week is mostly treadmill and the more serious speed work starts.  No more cutting off speed chunks, and “just running it home easy”.  

So more geek time this week, some Pinterest cookie making, and Game of Thrones finale tonight!!!!!


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