Summer fun = humid running…

    Having fun at the movies (I think Inside Out is my new favorite Pixar movie).   Our latest Pinterest craft, a Tortoro made from old socks….and someone enjoying his new summer haircut.

Summer is flying by.  The last couple weeks saw real summer humidity.  The mornings have been muggy.  Which means my confidence in making that BQ has dropped.  I was feeling pretty good about things when I did my 5k but I’ve struggled to hit my paces the last couple weeks. Today I had a pretty good hill run, so maybe I’ve acclimated to 90% humidity.  But man, the summer is a confidence buster.   I’ll still take it over cold winter running any day though.

I’ve become a full time Strava convert.  Totally loving having my run instantly go to a log.  I’ve been manually adding my doggie miles because DaVinici was blowing my average pace with his stops, so pride got the better of me and I don’t start timing until I’ve dropped him off at home.  I admit I’m a total sucker for seeing “fastest mile” etc.  who knew I was a closet log keeper after all these years.  After almost three weeks now, my end verdict on the Apple watch for runners is this:  if you are into simplicity and just want pace and distance and don’t use a lot of fancier features, this is a great watch.  I’d say if you’re looking to get a new Garmin, I’d skip it and get the Apple watch instead.  You can use it all the time, if you want heart rate it does that without the chest strap, and you get your basic garmin functions.  If you want to swim or use more detailed interval split type features,  stay with Garmin.  But I bet the next generation of Apple watches will do more Gamin-y type things.  For me though, this works great, and I’m sticking with it.  I’m pretty simple though.   now if I could just hit the paces I want and see them on my watch that would be awesome….

This week marks 16 weeks out…..the real work is starting.   And inbetween trying to have lots of summer fun…we made some fantastic M & M cookies off Pinterest that we are too fast for me to take a picture, so hopefully this week we can manage to keep our treats around a little longer.


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