Tournaments and motivation…

  My angel awaiting his turn at his first taekwondo tournament…..of note, that uniform is really hard to keep clean. Whites and 5 years olds don’t mix well.  

A challenge of keeping a running blog that is my running life just isn’t always that exciting.   The trail runner bloggers do much better with exciting reports and lots of pretty photos.  For me, about 90% of my runs are done right outside my front door and just around my neighborhood. They’re often done alone and early to check the box and then get on with the day.  I think I’m good for about three weeks of this then need a change.  This weekend was two runs with company and outside my normal routes.  It was quite lovely.  I added a bit extra in honor of Western States 100 weekend, aka to me as one last ultra on my bucket list that is now impossible to get into.

Saturday was spent doing all the usual little things and Jasper had his first taekwondo tournament. I’m super proud of my angel just for entering. I know he was really nervous doing his moves in front of a judges panel.   For kids his age it was more about getting experience and building confidence.   They all got a medal for something.  And, I am NOT one of those people who gripe about every kid getting some kind of medal and that we should let kids experience losing. At some point in life yes, but when a 5 year old is brave enough to stand up in front of a crowd and give their best effort, they need to be rewarded.   It was really fun and hopefully he has the confidence now to do it again…he was one of the youngest competitors.   I’m a believer that every kid can find some sport they can do to build their confidence.  If all else fails there’s always running.   As someone with absolutely zero athletic abilities, I was able to find a sport that  anyone can do.    Jaspy is lucky though, as he is a natural athlete.  The kid definitely did not get it from me…

Saturday I also watched  Western States updates online which was really fun.   Whenever I follow a race or watch one it’s definitely a motivator for whatever goal is on the horizon.  I feel ready to put some hard work in for marathon season now.  This is supposed to be a pretty big week so on that note I should crash and start the day right when the alarm goes off at 4:30, and not battle sleep demons.   


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