Trail fail, fireworks and a podcast…

Epic fail.  The best way to describe my route scouting I did this weekend.  There is a new paved trail system not too far away from me so I wanted to run there, run a bit in the new trail and run home for a long run.  I needed about 15 miles.  I scouted out a partial route on a morning run during the week and used google maps for the rest.  Getting to the new trail meant using an old trail to avoid a major super highway road that would be a death wish to run on.  Hit the first trail and all was well until it opened into a large field with tons of overgrowth.   I couldn’t see the trail at all and it was was bushwhacking…with lots of nettles and bugs.  Made it through and turned around to see there was no way I could go home that way.  I’d never find the trail through that field.  A quick check of my phone put be back on course.  Got to the the new trail and it ended very quickly (not done yet, maybe?).  It became rocky and hard to run on and then opened up to a flooded out area. I was over 7 miles in and decided to refill my water at the park and head home.  Only the water fountain was turned off.  WTF, City of Austin?   I’ve encountered this a few times this summer.  Why are water fountains on playgrounds shut off in the hottest months?

I decided to run the sidewalk on the access road to get home quicker and not make this a 20 mile run….but the sidewalk ended.  Not wanting to run on a freakin’ highway, I crossed, knowing a major road on the other side had a bike lane I could run in….on blacktop, in 80 degrees , without water.  It was a long run home, but made it.   So no new trail and a dehydrated run definitely not done at planned pace.  Oh well…life is an adventure, right?  At least I never got bored.    And the moral of the story is maybe running with your phone is a good idea.   While never that far from home, I was worried it would take me forever to get back.  I left Mike a message that I’d be later than planned.  This is of course assuming that he would notice I was gone and be concerned….it very possible he wouldn’t have noticed 😬

I followed up Sunday with a 10 miler and am ready for a cut back week.   

Saturday Jasper swam for three hours straight and conveniently fell asleep at 530.  We woke him up at 6:30 to eat and were able to go see fireworks since he had a little nap.  I admit to being totally spent when they were done at 10:00 pm…..when 4:30 am is your wake up, that’s a late night.

Finally, this is the best podcast I’ve heard in awhile.  I’m almost convinced to try heartrate training since I now have a heartrate monitor that doesn’t require one of those icky chest straps.   Mind you I said almost…..I’m at least going to get the book mentioned on the podcast and investigate more.  Here’s the link

Up next…..running in Colorado over the weekend!


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