Travel and life….

Enjoying RMNP.   Bouldering.   The nicest view in the world, and a mountain post run selfie.  Sunglasses and long sleeves are a must!

Where to begin…..we just got back from our every two years or so trip to Colorado.  I always say I just need to be rich enough to have a winter home and a summer home.  Don’t know that I’d love winter at 10000 feet, but summer is heaven.  It was Rocky Mountain National Parks’s centennial.  RMNP is about my most favorite place on earth.  We only spent one day there and got up to 12,000 feet and it was too cold for us to be hiking around in what we had on.  Critter count includes a mama and baby moose a herd of elk.  No bighorns this trip. 😕🐏.   We spent some time kayaking at Grand Lake which is right past the western edge of the park.   I love this little town.  I also loved kayaking and will be doing it here very soon.   It was like cycling…..I’m sure you can go hard and make it a killer workout but I went nice and slow and just enjoyed being out.   We also spent a day at Winter Park resort.  Yes, it’s expensive to buy a day long lift pass but so worth it to have unlimited trips on the alpine slide. Jasper declared it better than Disney.   A small victory for nature.  We stayed in the town of Winter Park and I can’t recommend this place enough.   We love it there.  I felt the altitude pretty bad on day one of our trip and about half day two.  The trip was only 4 days including our travel days , so it was quick….so feeling bad for about 24 hours was a bummer.  I ran all three mornings while we were there.  9000 feet altitude which may not seem like much to some but I could tell a difference on hills.  I was pretty ok on the flats though.   

And speaking of running, right before I left I got a library book on heartrate training. I used a lazy person’s formula and did a calculation and not a physical test to find my max, then I figured out my “zones”.  As suspected ( and if my lazy calculations are accurate) I spend all my time in the “Working a little but not too much zone”.  Then I heard a podcast about how much our running declines as we age , and heartrate training really sounded attractive. More to come……I barely have scratched the surface on my reading about it.

Other stuff:   We hit the Denver Nature and Science museum while there.  This was the best science museum I’ve ever been to,  why Austin can’t have something like this with such a university and tech presence is beyond me.   We spent 3 hours and we still had to skip stuff.  If you ever go to Denver make a stop here a priority!

In family sport  news, Jasper is doing black belt training in his taekwondo.  This really just amounts to 3 days a week, more money and even more money buying the weapons.   Then right after I signed him up, I read an article about how we over extend our kids and three days a week of a sport is too much.  Fair enough, but I want to give him the chance to acquire a skill and be good at something.   Plus he is pretty enthusiastic and at age 5 enthusiasm that lasts more than a few minutes is rare and I’ll roll with it. 

As a family we dropped our Y membership and joined a fancy gym.  I realized we no longer did youth sports through the Y and they didn’t have the best availability for the classes I liked.  I’ve never been a member of a fancy gym.  It’s a little intimidating.   Most the people there looked fit.   The kid pools were vastly superior to the Y’s so  we’re excited…..I just hope I can survive yoga classes.  And their spam…
Well a few days worth of shows are calling my name.   Time to relax then dream of mountain air and pines until the next visit.   


2 thoughts on “Travel and life….”

  1. Your trip sounds heavenly! Must go there one day soon.
    Happy you love kayaking, now you can go out with me in Langley.

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