Fancy pants…

 A bit late but, my angel and his first tournament medal.  Wishing I was running in the other picture as out temps hit the 100s….

Last week the sting of vacation being over was lessened by our family splurge of joining the fancy gym.  It was more money than the Y for sure, for not over the top, but definitely a lot if we don’t use it.  In a week we’ve gone four times!  And I looooove the fancy gym.

Evenings are still pretty busy so joining a fancy gym didn’t change the fact it’s hard to get out, but when I can go it has so much more availability than the Y did.  I love that the yoga is in a real yoga room and not on cold linoleum.  And it’s hot, yay, but more showers.  But the fancy gym has soap…and towels…..and a cafe with real food…..and coffee and smoothies.  And a rock wall that Jasper has already tried.  It’s more like a rock room.  Hello, we can rock climb!!!!  And super fancy pools….and two massive jacuzzis.  So yes, I really like the fancy gym.  And they have people to help you if you’ve not stepped foot in a gym since high school…like me.  I always used to laugh about the fact that while at the Y I had been in the actual gym one time in our two years there…..to test a treadmill before I purchased one.  Since the fancy gym is more money I felt obligated to learn about how to use it.  I’ve also learned that during the middle of the day and Sunday mornings the normal looking peeps use the fancy gym.  Evenings seemed to be reserved for the super fit, so I rush to the yoga room then and try to ignore the grunting going on in the “advanced training” area.   

In the fancy gym, when they orient you to the equipment they ask about your current exercise.   Trainer types are baffled by exercising everyday but yet not knowing how to use a single piece of gym equipment.  I did learn how to use the stair stepper.  I liked it.   So yes, the fancy gym has been great so far.  

It’s also the “try not to be discouraged” phase of marathon training. I do decently in the heat, but I do slow down. I’m trying to tell myself pace will pick up in the fall but we’ll see.   My victory this week was a long run just through my neighborhood ( which means respeating loops) where I kept my head in the game and never got bored.  Sometimes I think the most challenging aspect of a long run is doing it solo and not letting boredom lead to negative thoughts, which leads to cutting it short.    Let’s face it….I’m not exciting company…even for my myself sometimes.  

Bed is calling.  Tomorrow is my once a month painfully early work day which involves an alarm clock setting with “3” as the first number.  Gag…..


4 thoughts on “Fancy pants…”

  1. OMG 3 AM, are you kidding??? Yuck! that sounds awful, with a full day of work ahead. Wow, I admire your incredible will power.
    Love Jasper”s medal, very cool, proud of that little boy!
    I loved working on the equipment at my gym in Ak.

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