800 repeats and risotto…


Running partner number one…..when one does a long run and a mini chunk of speed work, one must eat lots of Butternut squash risotto.

Mike is heading out of town for awhile so this weekend was a now or never for a long run.  Ok, not never but not for a couple weeks at least.  16 mile and I found myself solo.  The fancy gym happens to have a free run group.  I’m a skeptic of run groups.  For me, they must be small, too big means you never really get to know anyone and might as well be solo.   Sometimes they can spend too much time pre run farting around with drills and stretching.  Love all this after but before, no!  I’m all about get ‘er done. My plan today was to run to the gym to see how long it would take, run back home, then add on another loop for whatever was left to hit my mileage.

Oh and let’s back up and interject my horrible bad day where I dropped my watch on a tile floor and watched it shatter.  Then got to work for a 6:30am meeting I didn’t need to be at.  Grrrrrr.  I was soooooo sad about breaking my nice watch. It was such a nice present.  Good news is it’s being fixed.  Fixing it ain’t cheap, but much less than a new one….which I wouldn’t have done.  So I’m relieved I will be reunited with my watch again in about a week. 

Ok….back to the gym run.  Made it to the gym at 6:45 and I knew the run group met at 7:00, so I went way out of my comfort zone and ran around a bit and then met them.  Have I mentioned I’m sorta an extroverted introvert? Meaning I think I’m a friendly and outgoing person, but I typically avoid  group things and enjoy doing things alone.  The group was small, about 10 people.  There was a little waiting for everyone to gather up and then a warm up couple of miles and then a short run to the neighborhood for speed work.  Yes, speed work.  I was already at about 10 miles after my own run and the  warm up, and doing a big chunk of 800s then running home seemed stupid, but I stayed for one.  Apparently the group exclusively does speed stuff.  This is good….it sucks to run 800s on your own.  I was just in the midst of a long run, so today didn’t really work, but I’ll definitely run with them again.  I’m super proud of myself though.  I went super far out of comfort zone and tried something new. The group seemed like nice folks too.  

And I got my 16 miler!  I ran a gazillion errands plus Jaspy stuff, made cookies, made risotto, walked doggies, and now I’m crashed hard.  Listening to the new Modest Mouse album….that’s probably not that new.  Oh and Jaspy got up at 4:45 and had terrible asthma and was super grouchy all day….so chilling in bed with music and my iPad is heaven.  It’s not the long run that’s hard….it’s the rest of the day.  Tomorrow should be a little less tiring.  Less miles and going to see Minions!!!


2 thoughts on “800 repeats and risotto…”

  1. Risotto looks super yummy!
    So sorry about your watch, but at least it will be as good as new again soon.
    The new fancy gym, really seems to fit your needs- happy you found it!

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