Little things and toasty paws…


Doing his second favorite activity at the fancy gym.  Swimming is always first choice.

I’ve rewritten this blog post a few times trying to make my week sound interesting and I realize it’s pretty boring stuff to anyone but me.   Sometimes life is all about the small, little victories.   Jasp and I are flying solo for awhile and when that happens the days can often feel like a a big long checklist that just goes until bedtime and then repeat in the morning.  This isn’t to say things are bad, there’s just a lot of things to get done each day, and it’s just not all that interesting.  That makes for a blogger challenge.

The running related gems that stuck out in a week of routine were several.  I got my watch back!  Actually it’s a completely new watch, but I was happy to geek out again.  Plus it makes for a nice, sleek daily watch and as a minimal jewelry wearer a nice watch is my fave accessory.  I got a babysitter this morning and ran a long run outside with Steve.  So, so worth every penny.   I managed a little time at the fancy gym and am moving ever go slowly to not feeling like a fish out of water when I’m there.  At this point I’m about a freshwater fish that’s been dumped into saltwater but at least I’m not completely out of the water.  

A not so great thing this week:  it’s so hot now that when I tried walking the dogs after work (peak heat) they burnt their paws, and whimpered, licking at their feet while they walked. Now that’s hot!  (Not to mention I felt terrible).

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