Hot days and speedwork…

More time at the climbing wall this week…

What does it stay about your week when you resume playing Candy Crush after a long lay off?  Stress relief needed?  Perhaps.  

I was on the ‘mill most of the week.  Yesterday I got to run outside and I needed a long run.  Perhaps not the best way to do speed work, but I met the group at the gym in the middle of my long run.  Run to the gym, stop, warm up, 6x 400, run home.  I am definitely the only one in the group who favors longer distances, but anyone who is willing to meet early on a Saturday is pretty committed, so it makes for a good bunch.  I’m getting to know some of the folks a bit and that’s nice.  I admittedly spent a lot of time doing kid things and don’t get out with friends much at all….so like minded adult company is welcome….and work does not count!   I have to admit that speedwork in a group is fun as heck….on my own, not so much.  As far as marathon training goes, I’m at the point where I need to buckle down, but I still feel like there’s a lot of weeks to go.   We’ve also been hit with the hottest weeks of the year.  It cools to about 80 but a lot of heat still radiates off the street.  Slowing down is inevitable, so it’s difficult to tell if I’m getting in my prescribed paces.   

I hit the gym a bit this week to combat stress and take advantage of some childcare time.  As of now,  Jasp really likes the childcare so I’m going with it.   I did hot yoga, the TRX strength stuff, and the stair climber.  Funny story is the trainer who showed me how to use the TRX ropes said he starts strength training beginners on them. Today Mike joined me for gym time and I was excited to show him what I’d learned. There was a couple of 80 year old ladies taking up the TRX ropes.  My first thought was 1.  Good for them… But then, 2.  How appropriate the trainer started me on the same exercises the 80 year olds do.  Plus they did them a lot better than I do, but you gotta start somewhere, right?   I hoping the extra gym work will help get me faster but if not, at least it’s fun.  I also rode my bike one night on the trainer in the garage.  I’ve been wanting to pick this up 1-2 nights a week.  But,  that’s a tough time to go sweat hard,  and even with the door open and the fan on it had to be 110 degrees.  I took a shower and then proceeded to be wide awake a couple hours past when I normally go to bed.  Not my smartest move.  Biking may have to wait until fall. 

Well, I got some Candy Crush calling my name and an extra early wake up. Onward…

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