I touched a kettlebell…and the end of summer. 😥

I’m sore, chaffed and tired. Yes, it’s Sunday night of a marathon training weekend.  To rewind, I learned how to do more gym stuff this week and have an hour long full body strength workout now. Yay!  Saturday Mike was out of town again and Jasper’s taekwondo was canceled so he and I went to they gym and I did my strength workout….which normally I would not do before a long run, but it’s all about fitting it in when I can.  Today I had 17 miles on the schedule.  I woke up pretty sore in the back and upper body, as is to be expected.  The 17 went pretty well, it wasn’t speedy, but I never hit the overheated, “I’d like to die now” feeling. But boy, I was sore the rest of the day.  And chaffed.  I am convinced there is no clothing on earth that won’t chafe once it hits over 100 degree days.   I’m pretty psyched about the strength training though…I really enjoy it and it’s 100% new to me.  I’d love to go 2-3 days a week, but for now the goal is one gym day of yoga, one of strength training.  One of the new things I learned is a squat with a kettlebell. Yes, you read that right.  The trainer asked me “you seriously have never touched a kettlebell?”  Uh, nope.  I was unaware this is something most people did.   I can run 17 miles on a hot, humid day but I was totally uninitiated to the world of kettlebells.  Now I can say I’ve touched one. 

Summer is coming to an end way to fast.  We will have a whole new schedule after next week.  Jaspy is pretty anxious about kindergarten so we are trying to work in some extra fun activities (today he earned a trip to Pinballz arcade).   He “graduated” from OT this week and I’m pretty happy to have one less thing on the schedule. We have a very busy week with meet the teacher night, a belt graduation in taekwondo, some appointments and some promised swimming trips.  

Which means I’m turning in.  I’m also a touch under the weather so trying to rest up and conquer our last week of summer.  I’m already looking forward to winter break.  🎄⛄️


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