The last weekend of summer…

Nothing like $30 to feed a couple parakeets…

Enjoying his first Thundercloud sub.  Ingredients?  White cheese and white bread. He said he is allergic to everything else.

His taekwondo gear bag that was a surprise after advancing belts.

This was the last weekend of summer.  It was a super, super busy week leading up.   The additional responsibilities/ volunteering of kindergarten are all ready starting.  This weekend we packed in a ton and I was busier than a weekday.  Welcome to the school year!

I started with my unconventional long run with a chunk of speedwork in the middle.  It was really hot and humid so mile repeats were extra fun.  Then we rushed off to Jasp’s belt test and I am so proud of my angel as he advances.  This was the first belt test that we finished and he said he couldn’t wait to go to taekwondo again.  Score!   Anyone who puts their kid in a time demanding activity knows the rewards are few and far between.  

Sunday I met Steve at Brushy Creek and enjoyed running in trail heaven. Once again, super hot.  Next I hit up hot yoga.  Then we went to a small water park.  Heat index 108.  I was soooooo tired by the evening.    That was a lot of heat.  The water park was small enough that it wasn’t that tiring but I predict it will be a gateway to real waterparks.   I predict next summer to be our first season pass…

I took today off to have the last fun day before kindergarten tomorrow.   Jasp picked the activities:  Austin Aquarrium (pretty sad place, his choice though. We looked at fish for 5 minutes, fed parakeets for 5 minutes and spent the rest of the time on an indoor playscape), lunch at Thundercloud, Jumpoline, frozen yogurt and school clothes shopping.  Jasper scored a pair of Sketchers Go Meb shoes for kids on clearance.  I was just impressed Meb now has kids shoes.  I’m glad Jasper has the perfect biomechanics that allow him to wear what are basically racing flats.  Meanwhile I’m still in my orthopedic clunkers.  At least someone in the house can wear Meb’s shoes even if acquired on the clearance rack.  They have been declared the first day of school shoes.  Do you think Meb would autograph our first day of kindergarten picture if I sent him one?


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