School daze and 400s…

   Obligatory first day picture

 I love how giant the gear bag is…
And we find ourselves deep in kindergarten after a week and a half.   I think we are hitting our stride with the new schedule.  It’s not that new….as we were always out pretty early but now we have a hard time that we must be out the door.  And even though Jaspy is gone the same amount of hours as always the intensity of long days of school work and then after school activities have him pretty tired most nights.  Me too ……we are busy.   I somehow inadvertently found myself on a PTA committee for the fall festival in a position I am grossly under qualified to do.  Story of my life…..and something additional for my evenings….which weren’t exactly chocked full of free time….and so it goes.

Running wise I am trying so hard to get in those speed days.  I’m so on the cusp of hitting a qualifying time. I’m still taking on the speedwork group after my long run and hoping it pays off in those final  marathon miles.  I am super duper digging the strength training days at the gym and am aiming for two sessions a week, which is a challenge with kid-tivites.   Favorite speed workouts if anyone cares: doggie warm up mile, 4 at race pace, cool down mile.  This one is also super easy to do on the treadmill, but don’t put the doggie on the treadmill. Next one:   2 mile warm up.  8x 400, 2 mile cooldown.  400s= ouch.  

Otherwise…..life with the kindergartener continues.  And maybe, just maybe fall is in the air (I can pretend, can’t I?)


3 thoughts on “School daze and 400s…”

  1. Watch out for kindergarten! I let myself get sucked in last year, and ended up being one of a mere handful of moms who did EVERYTHING for every single class party and activity. Not cool. Just wondering, how long did it take Jasper to advance from white to yellow belt? Aaron has been in karate/taekwondo for about two months now and is still a white belt. They use this stripes system, though, and I haven’t really figured it all out. Jasper seems a lot more motivated than Aaron is!

    1. Yes, I am figuring out fast be careful to say I’ll help out and next thing I know I’ve been put in charge of an event I’ve never even been to!

      For the belts, at Jasper’s taekwondo the little kids are “tigers” and go up a belt or headband in between belts every two months. Once they age out/ belt out of tigers they enter the regular belt system as a camo belt and then the belts aren’t as frequent. I think the more frequent belts keeps the younger kids motivated. Jasper has been in now for about 9 months. After 6 months we opted into black belt training which is more classes per week and they learn the weapons…but it was more money. Yellow belt took about 7 months. He’s not at a point where is practices much but most of the time seems to enjoy it. I’d like to see him go to black belt and they said that takes about 3 years. I don’t know how similar karate is. Taekwondo has been very helpful to teach some discipline and is good energy burning for him. What grade is Aaron in this year? Hope your school year is going smoothly so far!

  2. Aaron just started first grade last week. It’s been smooth so far, but that never seems to last. He’s a handful to say the least. He just has a really silly personality, so he likes to play around in karate class. He hasn’t learned yet that the martial arts are supposed to be serious. We put him in mainly hoping he would gain some discipline. Nothing, NOTHING works with that child as far as discipline goes. He has to earn 2 stripes in order to move up to yellow belt. So far he has one. He refuses to work on memorizing the student creed, which he has to do in order to earn his second stripe. My daughter wants to be a Little Dragon (she’s 4), but YES, it’s so expensive. It might be worth it, though, because there’s no way Aaron will let Natalie be better than him. Maybe it’ll motivate him to focus and learn. Okay, enough with voicing my parenting woes on your running blog! You have such a handsome little boy, and he looks so sweet.

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