This run is brought to you by your neighborhood donut shop…

When training for a Boston qualifier, fuel as the Bostonians do…

I’m sitting with my legs up…finally.  It feels wonderful.  It has been a whirlwind weekend and my longest training run since the spring.  If Labor Day is the last hurrah of summer, then the weather gods celebrated big.  Triple digits and high humidity.   When you are drenched in sweat at mile one of an 18 mile run, it isn’t going to be pretty.  I ran a loop in my ‘hood, then ran to meet to speedwork group for a quick 5 miles of hills.  Brutal in the heat, but I was saved by some angels who had some water jugs for their Team in Traning group.   So nice of them to not only give me water, but Gatorade too.  Finished the loop, and realized if I ran all the way home I’d be closer to 20 miles.  When it is 90% humidity and you’re 16 miles into a run, you don’t go looking for bonus miles.  A rough calculation in my head said I was 20 minutes from Dunkin Donuts…..and I had my phone!  I had Mike meet me there with a small, donut loving child in tow.  By this time I was stripped down to a sports bra and I apologize to all the families that had to see me run up as they innocently tried to enjoy a Saturday morning.  I typically won’t subject anyone to seeing my gut, but 90% humidity, people!   I inhaled an iced coffee which was heaven and resisted the urge to get a pumpkin spice donut.  I then wondered why I don’t end more runs at a donut shop with really good iced coffee….and I have to admit that Dunkin Donuts has really good iced coffee.   

Sunday was an easy neighborhood run then gym day.  I’ve really come to love gym day, as I do my full body strength routine and Mike joins me and Jaspy does gym childcare.  It flys by doing the routine Mike and no one is really in the gym on a Sunday morning.   I tired to do a quick 30 minute workout after work one day this week, and it was hard to get to equipment with how many people where there.  Anyhow, today I was sore, sore sore.  Steve was kind enough to meet me for a 7 miler and we had a miraculous finding of a lost car key.  

Tomorrow is back to the grind and hopefully some cooler weather. I like a nice warm day, but am looking forward to my final marathon prep runs being just a little easier.   Maybe I’ll be switching from iced coffee to hot pretty soon!


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