Casa Superhero 1K race report…

Our favorite race participant…Wall-E

 Entering the costume contest.  He won last year. 

Pre-race.  We are wearing the race shirts….we weren’t so clever to come up with idea on our own.

First off, Saturday I did cut back mileage with a 15-16 miler (messed up my timing at one point) with 10 miles to warm up, then met the speedwork group for 800s.  Then later I took advangae of some time while the kids (Mike’s  sister and niece were here) played in the pool at the gym and did my upper body weight routine. So I’m a little sore today!  Next week is the big 2-0.  Can’t put it off any longer!

Today I was scheduled to race a 5k, but since we had family in town, I hated to ask them to all haul out to a race early and watch Jasper while I raced.  So I just took Jasper for the kids run and it was a good thing.  I realized it was sooooo much less hassle to just go for the kids run and not try and nervously warm up while dealing with a 5 year old.  Plus I could focus 100% on the kids run.  I ran early in my neighborhood and realized I was pretty sore to do a race anyways.   

This was the first kids run that Jasper was really into.   We had so much fun and he did really good running the whole thing.  I’m most proud of him for even going because last year he got lost at this race and I spent a few minutes feeling violently ill while a volunteer tried to figure out if he’d been found.  God bless the kind family that recognized he was lost and volunteered to stay with him until I could make it over to him.  So I was surprised he wanted to do it because getting lost had been pretty traumatic.  But he wanted me to run with him and hold his hand so I did and we had a blast zig zagging and weaving through people to “kick it in”.  He seemed happy to get a medal for the first time but maybe happier that there was a comic shop giving out free Sponge Bob comics.    He did the bounce houses for awhile and I purposefully keep us away from the booth giving out Amy’s ice cream and cupcakes, mostly because I did not need that for my breakfast even though it looked amazing…… 

All in all, this is a fantastic event for kids.  My only complaint was they did the kids race after the 5k which delayed it some and kids just aren’t that good at waiting.  I hope next year they make it the first race.  

So up next….lots of marathon prep.  The weather has turned and it is time to put in the big miles!


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