20 miles, some string cheese and committees…

After 5 1/2 years, he was willing to eat string cheese.  Bringing his total foods to about 6

This weekend was fairly unremarkable other than I ran a 20 miler.  There is something very mental about this distance.  19.5 just isn’t the same, even thought it probably is.   The fall weather from last week was gone and yesterday was almost 100 degrees.  It wasn’t horrible when I started at 5 am, gag, but not great either.   I was so grateful a new friend from the gym would meet me at 7 am to run about an hour.  It broke it up…I ran a loop in my hood, ran to the gym, ran with my friend then ran home.  Other than a tight right hip, I felt really good.   I was pretty functional the rest of the day, but cursing the weather gods when a trip to the park was done in 98 degrees.  In late September.  This summer wasn’t that bad, but when pumpkin spice lattes appear, I want it to feel a little seaonal.  I had to resist the urge to put out Halloween decorations because when it’s this hot still, it’s hard to get in the spirit.  And I LOVE Halloween.  But back to the run….all in all I will call it a success.

Blogging may be slim over the next few weeks.  I am in peak mileage and PTA hell all at once.  I have learned that co-chairing a committee takes a ton of time.  Perhaps the final product will make it all worth it, or it will be a huge flop as I feel disorganized and clueless.    Anyhow, every evening is spoken for:   Committee meetings or taekwondo, and when those aren’t happening I’d like to squeeze in my gym time to try and make this old, slow body faster.  And after all that, I plan to crash on a heap on the bed and watch a show with a glass of wine.   None of this makes for exciting blog material.

So I will start practicing now.   No wine, but heap on the bed seems doable at the moment.


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