Last super long run done!  It turned out to be a 19 mile 20 mile.  For the life of me I am not sure why I scheduled it to start at the latest time possible that fit with my schedule, because as I was walking out the door and I heard a dog vomit, the clean up time set me back a few minutes and forced me to cut it just a little short.  Is 19 that different than 20?   Let’s hope not.   I’m counting the fact that I rushed off to taekwondo, then Subway, then a kid’s birthday party as bonus “miles”.   

But I’m feeling under confident.   I didn’t quite hit my paces even though the weather is perfect.  And I have what I’ll define as a “pesky hip”.  My definition of pesky is not real pain but tightness and just not feeling normal. I stumbled a couple weeks ago and didn’t quite fall but felt my hip jam up for lack of better term.   It’s been pesky ever since.  I’m pretty annoyed as my body was treating me well with no real aches and pains.   I’m promising myself not to freakout until I get it a massage for it.   Then if it’s still pesky, I’ll freak out.  In the meantime I’m doing totally rational things like wearing compressions socks to bed, doing any tv watching with an ice pack, and lunging while I type.  Totally rational, right?

Otherwise the highlights of the week include my angel winning a PRIDE award at school.   It’s like a citizenship award and I’m so proud of him. And in addition to eating so fast he threw up on the only little throw rug in the kitchen,  poor little DaVinci has an ear infection and is getting ear drops. Pancake already takes three medicines and Jasper has his sleepy medicine…..we do not need anymore small things requiring medication in this household.  

And treat of the week is Pumpkin Spice cookie butter.  Yeah I’m one of those people who will eat just about anything pumpkin spice.   I’m hoping pumpkin spice cookie butter has some kind of magical properties to get rid of pesky hips.  


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