Almost go time…

My angel wanted to be a nurse for community helpers day at school.  He was very proud of that a lot of kids chose to dress up as doctors but he was the only nurse.  

Whew…I knew things would get busy.  But it’s taper time. I’ve been so busy with my PTA commitment that I haven’t got taper crazies. Maybe that’s the way to do it, take on a big project right before the marathon.    I’m just tired as all get up now.  This weekend will put an end to my big PTA commitment….but it will be a doozy with a 16 hour day on my feet Saturday.  Then next week will be all about rest….(sure, I’ll  just go ahead and tell myself that).

Did I do all I could for this race?  I’m sure I can always to more, but watching my morning running buddy struggle with a bout of injury put it all in perspective for me.  At this point in my life it is always better to slightly undertrain.  I had some great weekend runs but was pretty conservative during the week.  I did one race pace run a week and one speed workout (most weeks).  I did a lot of gym work and I hope it pays off and makes me more resilient those last few miles. 

I really trained to focus on getting faster.  My big goal is to qualify and get into Bosotn.  With the times getting faster and faster to get in, the cards not stacked in my favor. I’ve promised myself if I qualify but not by enough to get into Boston I will find another travel race and treat myself to that.  I’ve never done any other big city marathons..out of  34 marathons only the Bostons have been biggies.  So maybe I have a Chicago or Marine Corps in my future.  

So after I sell my soul for Fall Festival this weekend, it’s go time.  Now if I could just get rid of this soreness by then…..like I said…lots of gym work (ouch!)


6 thoughts on “Almost go time…”

  1. Just curious why you don’t seem to have any interest in doing the NewYork City ING Marathon (I think that’s what it’s called).

      1. I know someone who lives there, if you don’t mind really weird people. I’m sure she’d let you spend a few days at her place if you ever change your mind.

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