Sunnier days at the pumpkin patch…

A quick post before I watch Fargo….

Biblical rains are forecast at 100% Friday and Saturday this week.  I have a marathon on  Saturday.  Even if extreme conditions don’t force cancellation, I’m not sure running as hard as I can in flash flooding sounds fun. Rain is ok.  Dumping rain for almost 4 hours of running isn’t.  The RD sent out an email he still plans the event with a delay for dangerous conditions, but if dangerous conditions last all day, I don’t want to sit around waiting and I can’t imagine volunteers will. 

  I’ve got a few scenarios in my head.   A dramatic change in the weather report aside, the race getting canceled may be the best scenario.  If it’s not, I need to decide do I race as planned, just run it to get in a long run, or bag it all together and be thankful that the RD donates all money after expenses to the local library branch (at least someone benefits from my entry).  

I’m pretty ok with all this.  I was bummed for about half a day, but with age comes perspective. I’m happy I can run and a race is really just another run.   If it doesn’t happen I’m thankful there will be more. Yes, I worked hard to prep for this , but you can’t change the weather. 

And my friends and family are very supportive of the possibility of another race down the road.  

Ok, weather gods….show me what you got!


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