The marathon that wasn’t…

Gotta love zombie making apps…

All week long the weather reports said 100% chance of heavy rain Saturday , so all week long I started wrapping my head around the idea I may not get to race.  The question was just when the rain would hit.  If timed right, the race could easily go on.  I made peace with the fact I may not get to race, but the hard part was keeping my head in the game if I got to race.   When going for a goal race, you really need to be focused.  Friday’s weather was pretty mild and I just had to operate under the assumption I would race the next morning.  

I was woken up right before my alarm Saturday by epic sounding rain as the weather reports had promised.   Jasper got up too.    I waited as long as possible to start getting ready…still epic rains.  The thought of running for that long in that much wet just sounded terrible.   I can go out for 6-7 miles, get soaked, then immediately hop in the shower, but 3 plus hours…bleh.   Plus this is a small race of about 150 people.  No crowd support at all, and if there was some I doubt they’d stand around in the rain.  I hit a point of last minute-ness and I still hadn’t eaten my pre race meal, so I hopped on the treadmill and started a workout and texted a couple friends that I wish the RD had just canceled so I didn’t feel like such a wimp for bailing.  Dang runner pride of suck it up no matter how crappy the conditions are….but then hark…..an email comes through…30 minutes into the the race the police came and closed the park for flooding.  Race canceled.  I felt oddly relieved.  

The minute I finished my treadmill run, I got online and registered for the Dallas marathon in Dec.  maybe this was really the race I should have signed up for in the first place.  Lots of crowd support, a pretty course decorated for Christmas, pace groups, Meb, Denna Kastor and Ryan Hall at the expo….yeah, a big race.   Probably a better shot at a good time.  It had been my back up plan all week and part of me kinda wanted to do it instead of my original race.  So yeah, I’m excited.   That means 6 more weeks of training that was supposed to start today but my long run got rained out again….more treadmill, more gym.  Next weekend, I’m hitting that town lake trail no matter what.

So overall not the worst thing ever.  And I’ve got Stephanie (KC buddy)  roped in for Dallas….which is beyond awesome.  

So as Jasper’s favorite fortune says “Try to find the good with the bad.”   New marathon with company = lots of good.

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