Halloween week running ramblings…

  Just a couple weekends ago hot…and now feeling fallish…

-It’s been a busy week!  I’ve been on the treadmill all week, which for week one is fine.  Next week is week two and that’s when I start I wish for an outside run.  But, I do get the chance to get outdoors this weekend, so that will help so much.   I did get some pretty good treadmill runs in, but I am soooooo craving a long run after last weekend’s marathon fiasco.  

-I was bummed to find out  Marathon and Beyond is ceasing publication.  I’ve been getting it for a few years.  It’s essays and report style writing about marathons and ultras.  Fantastic race reports and no fluff.  I love Runner’s World, but they definitely have some fluff pieces.  M & B was something you curled up in bed with and stayed up too late reading. Katherine Switzer had a regular column.  But it’s an old school read.  Marathons are changing and I guess there isn’t as much of an audience for things like essays  of one person’s run across a state, or a report on all the little ins and outs of Hawaii’s marathons.  I had a secret goal of getting an essay published, as most their writings were things submitted by readers.  I started a few different race reports but never thought anything was good enough to send off.  I missed my chance and will miss reading those essays every other month…

-NYC marathon is on this weekend.  Supposedly you can watch it with the ESPN app.  (We’ll see)…..Go Meb!  Go Yuki!   Marathon Talk podcast has pointed out that Yuki wears the tiniest shorts.  I agree.  

If you don’t know who Yuki is….read this.

-Dallas training long run this weekend….and Halloween!  I’m really hoping for no rain!  Perhaps Yuki will inspire me to wear tiny shorts.   Hmmmmm….costume idea?


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