Time flies…


Another hectic couple o’ weeks have come and gone.  I’ve been in the treadmill a ton and have maxed out shows and movies.  Currently watching Girls on HBO and not loving it.  Loving Fargo….but I can’t binge watch it on the treadmill.  Gotta love first world problems.  But when I have gotten outside in the last couple weeks the weather is perfect.  When not dumping rain that is…I need to flag this post and read it in the late spring when I am thinking of signing up for a fall marathon.  I think a December marathon in Texas is the way to go.  Last weekend I finally got in a long run and it was heaven….perfect weather.    Other than the fact I didn’t eat enough and was really hungry towards the end, I felt good, and felt so much better all day than after a summer long run.  Plus the day before was Halloween and that day was cray cray.  Mike was out of town and Jasper and I hit his taekwondo class, then spend four hours at another fall festival.  We have two elementary schools in our neighborhood, so we know a couple kids who go to this other one.  So much fun to go to the fall festival and not work at it and I scored big in the silent auction.  Best score is a birthday party at a new bounce place that Jasper has fallen in love with.   We rushed home, carved a giant pumpkin and Mike got home for all of 24 hours before going out of town again to do trick or treating. It was a huge whirlwind and as a result I didn’t get any pictures.

This week I volunteered for a couple things at Jasper’s school and that made things a little busier than normal and I am ready for the weekend!   This weekend I’ve got a 20 miler, the new Charlie Brown movie, and a birthday party.   November is flying by and then time for a December marathon then Christmas!  Yes!

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