Piñatas, Olympians, and no logging for me…

Saturday I did a heavenly 20 miler.  It felt good to scratch that off my list.  When I haven’t done town lake in a long time, I really enjoy it.  I saw this new giant piñata art installation and Leo Manzano, who has won an Olympic medal in the 1500.   I had my phone and would have loved a picture but I suppose one does not interrupt Olympians mid workout to take selfies.   So instead I drooled over the piñatas.  I love cool artwork.   And the forecasted rain held off until the last mile and a half….now that’s a good run.

This week’s running news is I’ve abandoned keeping a running log.  I’ve gone back and forth on this over the years.  Daily Mile was fun and then I switched to Strava.  Strava is pretty darn cool, but this week I heard about the new Runkeeper app that syncs up with your Apple Watch.  I tried it a couple days and found it a bit buggy, and decided to give it up all together.  I never, never, never go back and read a running log.  How boring would that be?  It’s satisfying to see big mile weeks, but dangerously obsessive.   Also, it’s not like I’m a professional athlete sending data to a coach. No one will ever  look at my Strava page and think “Gee I wonder how doughy middle age women train?”  The Apple Watch has a nifty activity tracker which isn’t really a log, but it will record all my runs and I think that’s enough.  I’m not saying never again….it’s sorta fun to do with friends, and I might spin some sorta log into this blog and maybe it will entice me to post more.  But for now I am simplying my life.   It’s not like I don’t have 8 trillion other little tasks in the day.  

Back to the ‘mill this weekend.  Next weekend I hope to see the piñatas again!


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