Birthdays, pies and miles…

This may be my most favorite picture ever…

Apparently I’ve been busy.   It’s the time of year where I swear I would have a large chunk of Christmas stuff done and so far I’ve managed to order cards online and that’s it.   Jasper and I are also signed up for a cookie making class…does that count?

I’m coming to the end of Dallas marathon training.  I managed a 20 miler last weekend.  While the temps have been pleasant every weekend seems to have torrential rains.  The 20 miler was done at the crack of dawn with a very gracious friend who met me for a large chunk and I ended up with just about 7 miles in cold and wet.   But it was done!!!   This weekend is more cold and wet and I plan to just manage want I can manage.   I’m still assessing goals, but mainly just thankful I have a group of friends coming with me to scratch another 26.2 off the list.

I also celebrated another birthday.   It was a nice quiet sushi dinner.   It was a good one….the last two years someone in the family (hint, his picture appears frequently in this blog),  had epic tantrums, epic enough that two years later I still remember them.  This year there were no epic tantrums.  No tantrums at all and was lovely.

And now it’s Thanksgiving…..and I’ve got 4 different pies on the schedule.    Pies first….miles later.


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