It’s marathon week!!!!!!

What could be more appropriate for marathon week then a picture of giant cookies?   The problem with a December marathon is giving up a December weekend.  It’s a busy time of year!  It’s all fun, good things, but busy.   

Last weekend I did a 16 mile inverse taper run.  I got a slot for the 4 hour pace group for the Austin marathon this year.   That marathon is in February…..and we won’t over analyze how overly close it is to the Dallas marathon.  But with it comes some commitments and there are a couple practice runs.   Hence the inverse taper.   Taking it easy this week as the anxiety builds.   Jittery energy, pseudo aches and pains, and face breaking out?  Yep…..its marathon week.   

Goals?   I’ve revised them.  I really wanted a Boston time but I’m a realist.  I just really want to good race which for me would be my first sub 4:00 in a couple years.  Notice earlier I said I’m pacing the 4 hour Austin marathon?   That means I really want to run fast enough that 4 hours seems easy in a couple months.   

So here we go….after about 6 months of training.   Sheesh…  Extra special thanks to Steve and Stephanie for joining me.   Friends who help friends run marathons are good friends indeed.

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