Moving on…

This week I got to enjoy minimal movement.    Post marathon Monday was awful as it always is.  I woke up feeling ok but by lunch time was feeling like poo.  Tuesday I felt ok but was quite sore, and by Wednesday the soreness was mostly gone.  I did just a little light waking for two days, did hot yoga Wednesday, a little 3 mile treadmill run Thursday and Friday ventured out for a few easy miles.  Jasper had an asthma attack this weekend and that resulted in me being on the treadmill with a clingy child so I was forced into a couple more easy days.  This week I plan to really dust off the shoes and start getting ready for the Austin marathon.   Yes, these two marathons are a little close together, but the plus side is I won’t have weeks of build up.    Part of the build up includes  the Rogue 30k which for the last few years wins the heinous weather award.   It’s not an exciting course at all but great practice for the marathon, so I’m in again.  

After the Austin marathon, I have another race, the Austin 10 miler. Last year I loved this race for being convenient, fast, and having an old school racing vibe.  Plus I love that distance.   Then my  last race of the “season” is the  Oz half marathon in Kansas.   In April,  Jaspy and I will fly out for a weekend of visiting Stephanie in KC, and getting in a race while we are there.     That one is a mostly for fun race.   Then I’ll have a couple summer months of no racing before probably starting to train for Dallas again.  Dallas really won me over with its great course, big name running celebs, cool training weather, and ease of travel.  The drive is a little long, but still much easier than flying somewhere.    And there you have it… 2016 racing plans.    Races are nice but the main goal each year is stay healthy and just enjoy the miles…and I intend to do that.  


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