And a Happy New Year…

These are just a few photos from the last few days.   I had five glorious days off work around Christmas and we had lots of fun and family times.  I rejoined the running world full time and enjoyed a few runs after 6am on my days off.  I got to hit the gym more than normal which was a treat and I got a super nice yoga mat for Christmas I got to try out.   This was the first Christmas Jasper was really clear about what he wanted and I feel like he’s really been enjoying his gifts.  He grew his Rubik’s cube collection and got some nice display shelves.  He really enjoys lining them up and displaying them. Tomorrow night we tackle thank you notes.  Yikes.  

And now it’s New Year’s Eve.  And I’m writing a running blog.   We were so busy with company and then back to work that I totally failed to make any plans.  It would have been nice to have some people over to play some games or something but this morning I realized I made no plans and its sorta late.   Oh well.  

As for the year in running review, it pretty much went that I worked all year to get a little faster and at the final hour in December ran a marathon I was happy with….(and met Meb…giggle).    I did 7 races in 2015.   Three marathons, the 30k marathon prep race, a 5k, a kids race and a 10 miler.    It was a good year.

I’ve also struggled a bit with maybe changing up my blog.  I do it for me, and I know I have very few readers.  Without doing many races and long trail runs anymore I just don’t always have a lot of personal running topics to blog about.  I’ve thought about doing a more “essay” style blog to brush up my writing skills.   I plan to kinda do a hybrid of both essay and personal info.  I’ve had topics swirling in my head for awhile and it’s time to try them out…..but after I crash hard tonight.  Long run in  the morning to start the new year!


2 thoughts on “And a Happy New Year…”

  1. Happy New Year! So, I truly want to take up running….or jogging… this year. I’m going to need a home treadmill for when I don’t have childcare. Can you tell me exactly which treadmill you have, because I’m sure it’s a good one. Thanks!

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