The treadmill post…

How can you discuss running without discussing food?!?   Homemade pizza!!!!!

 My machine in all its glory…

I had a friend leave a comment asking about treadmills, so here is my treadmill post!   I think if you live somewhere with frequent bad weather or have young kids it’s an awesome investment.   It’s not as much money as you would think.  It’s a lot upfront but way less than a gym membership.  Plus there’s always the used route.  I have a Precor 9.13.  It’s their entry level.   I opted to put my money towards a higher end treadmill, so I don’t have any bells and whistles with it.  That is fine with me, I just manually adjust for hills and different speeds.  It doesn’t have speakers, so I just put my iPad on the front and watch whatever I’ve planned on to get my through the miles.  It’s a pretty smooth ride and I got to used to it quickly.   It’s fantastic for speedwork and a nice way to get in a shorter run.  Here are a few things I’ve learned after running on it for a couple years now…

I sweat buckets inside so I’ve learned to keep a towel handy to I’m not dripping on my floor.    It also can cause the room it’s in to smell like a gym, so I crack a nearby window and have the fan on.   Mike got me some Beats headphones for my birthday and I never thought I’d need these but going wireless on the treadmill is so much more comfortable than being tethered to an iPad like I used to be.   Highly recommended.   I won’t lie that it’s not the most exciting workout to just hop on it, so I always go in with a plan of want I’m going to watch and if I’m doing a planned workout.  It’s pretty easy to do an hour or so of running.  Long runs get challenging.  I confess that I’ve never done a 20 miler on it. I’ve done 13 as my longest.  I did back to back days of 10 miles a couple times.  I think the trick is being committed to a distance before you hop on.  

As for entertaining a small child  while I run I’ve been lucky.   I use it a ton when I am solo parenting.  Jasper is really good about giving me an hour and in return he gets iPad time.  I just established from day one of owning it that it’s mine and he’s never allowed to play on it.  If his friends come over he’s really good about telling his friends it’s mine and they cannot play on it.  I realize this makes me sound very possessive, but I wanted to establish from the get go it’s not a toy.    As for entertaining two kids while on it, I guess you need two iPads. 😀.  I also set out kid snacks before my run.   Sure I have to hop off here and there to help him but he’s pretty good about keeping interruptions minimal.   And if he was a better sleeper I could probably get my whole run done before he wakes up but he usually hears it and comes out to sit with me.  I get it though,  that more than one kid is tricky. 

So yes, I think a treadmill is a good investment.   I would advise anyone thinking about it to try a workout or two at a gym first and see if you really think you’ll use it.  It’s a pretty big and bulky thing to just sit untouched in a corner.  Good luck to anyone thinking about getting one.  It’s really my saving grace to keep me running!


1 thought on “The treadmill post…”

  1. Thanks so much for all the wonderful info! I think I’m sold. My gym has Precor treadmills. Trouble is, I can’t seem to make it to the gym on a regular basis. I’m thinking a home treadmill is the only way I’m going to be able to meet my fitness goals. Thanks again!

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