Rogue 30k race report…


This past weekend was the Rogue 30k.   This is a great opportunity to get in some marathon prep work….aka “dress rehearsal”.  I was pacing the 4:00 hour marathon pace group which is a 9:09 mile.   I think I was more nervous for this one than the marathon.  I was pacing solo, so nothing can go wrong, and it was forecast to be really cold.   29 degrees which is pretty cold for Texas.  The one good thing is no rain and clear skies.

This race has a long history.   It used to be in a suburb south of Ausitn, Buda, and I loved it then.   Back county roads, and fantastic finish on the high school track with homemade food.   It was also a fundraiser for the the high school.  That edition ended and in the last few years this race has struggled to find itself.  It’s moved around and not every location was very good.   The last few years it’s been in Cedar Park, which is very close to me a once again is a fundraiser for the high school,which is very nice.  The course is pretty boring, just through a suburban neighborhood, but it serves its purpose  to get in some great practice for the marathon.  This year’s race was riddled with issues.   I won’t list them all and rant, but I hope they can get fixed and it can continue.   I love the idea of having a race outside the city limit for a totally different route than all the other Austin races, I love fundraising for a local school and I love that 99% of the people in this race are using it as marathon prep so it’s more of an organized training run than a race with lots of friendly talk.

I was relieved that my pacing job went well.  I was a little fast but I was so nervous about being to slow.  I felt really good the whole way.   I was really beat the rest of the day with some dehydration, but felt strong during the run.  I had 4 people run with me the entire way, which is a good turn out.   Success!   And the weather wasn’t that bad.   The early dark miles were cold.  But once the sun was out I was very comfortable.  I got a little over 19 miles at race pace which is a big confidence builder for the marathon.   

And now we are one month out from the Ausitn marathon.  I can’t believe it…time has flown.  Can’t wait for my favorite race!

4 thoughts on “Rogue 30k race report…”

  1. Ah, I ran that race! I’m doing the distance challenge, and this was my first time to run this race (or anything longer than a half). The issues with the course really shot my confidence, but the worst part was that my left hip started hurting really bad around mile 17. I haven’t been able to run since so I’ve swam and biked a bit. I’m scheduled to run 21 miles this weekend but that’s not going to happen at this point. I’m determined to finish the challenge even if I have to walk the 3M half and the Austin Marathon! However, I’m hoping I’ll be able to run both. I’d thought that once I did the races I wouldn’t desire to run another marathon but at this rate I won’t feel like I’ve really “run a marathon” so I’ll sign up for another one. I’m already signed up to do the CapTexTri so I’m thinking I’ll transition to training for that.

    In an effort to make this the longest comment ever, I wish I’d known you were pacing the Rogue! I’m a nerdy runner fan and probably would’ve gushed with excitement to meet you in person. So, probably good I didn’t know! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the super nice comment! Sorry to hear about your hip. Have you tried some body work? Massage or chiropractor? My hip is my trouble spot too and icing and foam rolling really help. And ice a lot…like 4 times a day.
    I’ll be at at pacer booth at the Austin marathon expo on Saturday. Come say hi. I’ve met a few people from this blog and some have become good friends.
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery

  3. Sorry I never leave a comment about running, but I don’t run… yet! Still shopping for a treadmill. I just wanted to say that I LOVE Jasper’s hair at that length. He’s a handsome little guy! We’re in birthday mode around here, too. Natalie turns 5 on Jan. 19th, but we had her unicorn party yesterday. Aaron turns 7 (WHAT?!?!) on Feb. 10th, and wants to have a Minecraft party… AGAIN. Now a Rubiks Cube party, that sounds like fun!

    1. Jasper thanks you for the hair comment. He’s been growing it out and wants a surfer ‘do. Have you checked a fitness equipment store for treadmills? I got mine at one and while not cheap, they only carried enter quality brands and let you test out everything. They also will come service it at my house if needed. I went to Fitness in Motion. I think it’s a chain. Good luck…keep me posted!

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