19 miles and chocolate cookies…

Pancake has never been a cuddler, can you tell?

Another long run done!   I love/ fear long run weekends.  That run hangs over your head, but once done it feels glorious.  I did a practice pace run with my partner and friend, Meredith. 19 miles at pace and we threw in hills. I was untapered and had put in a pretty big week, but it was a success.  Huge confidence builder.  Today was a nice 7 miler with Steve and then weights at the gym.  The weights made me sore, but two runs with friends was awesome.  Can you tell I made a New Years resolution to be more social?

The weekend was a typical one with lots of kids activities.   Jasper did the slide at the indoor pool at our gym today for two hours without a break.  I guess that’s his version of a long run.   We also went to the cake supply shop to get a pan for his Rubik’s cube birthday cake.  God help me I’m making it myself.  We also got glucose for these cookies from Milkbar.  I had no idea what it was but it’s sugar on steroids, and  very, very thick, and I suspect a lot of commercial bakeries use it for a chewy texture.  Two things:  the cookies turned out to be amazing. Best chocolate cookies I’ve ever had, and going to Milkbar is on my bucket list.   NYC or DC.  I wish one would open here!   And that’s my second New Years resolution….the explore my other interest of baking a bit more.  I can’t say I love to cook, but I do like to bake.  My interests tend to be spin offs from my running, so I’m aiming for some time spend doing something completely different. Can’t say I like the clean up part of baking though……

Ok, one more big push next weekend.  21 miles, Mike’s birthday and then the next weekend Jaspy turns 6!


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