Final long run and $6 juice…

I don’t have any good pictures from my week…which means a doggie picture default.   

End of marathon training cycle = time to bust out new kicks.  Happy they updated my old lady model with modern colors.   

Hooray, final push for the marathon this weekend.  I wanted one run over 20 miles.  I just went over 20 by a hair, but it’s done.  Felt pretty good, but got bonky at mile 15, but I’d eaten too lightly the night before for 20 miles.    That’s why the marathon never gets old no matter how many I do it’s always a challenge.  I didn’t do all my miles at pace, but I can check the box that it’s done.  The rest of the day was a whirlwind.   I had a quick shoveling of food and a shower to take Jasper to taekwondo, then a quick trip home for some more food shoveling and then off to a taekwondo tournament which took the rest of the day.  Somehow I didn’t realize this and didn’t bring any snacks.   For a job well done Jasper got to pick a quick treat, and instead of ice cream he wanted the next door juice bar.  One $6 juice later, I was feeling human again after slowly wilting all afternoon and while I crashed hard that night, I felt like I held up pretty well after such a long run.   Next weekend is a medium long run and then true taper starts.  And an aside, my angel did awesome in his sparring tournament.  Lots of high two point kicks.  And despite the teacher’s urging, I will never try taekwondo.  Sparring would not be for me.

I’ve been spending way too much time on marathonguide.com lately.   Travel races are mostly a fantasy.  Part of me has on my  bucket list to do one of the other two biggies:   New York or Chicago.   One minute I swear I’ll put in for the lottery for either and them in the fall, then reality sets in that both a horribly expensive and not really justifiable.  But I’m not sure how many more years of marathoning I have left.  I’d like to make it to 50 marathons and I’d like to do one of the big ones. Hence my time of marathonguide.com….which if you haven’t visited it’s like Yelp for marathons and completely addictive.      But I also want to run KC again in the fall and Dallas.  Sigh, so many marathons, so little time.  

It’s also birthday time around here.  Mike’s this past weekend, Jasper’s coming up.   Shhhh, don’t tell, but Jasper is getting a trampoline.  I plan to stay clear of it until after marathon week…

And just like that it’s time for me to get ready for work.  Today was an easy run day and it was warm enough for shorts and a long sleeve, even if quite breezy.  A perfect way to start the day…now all I need is a really good latte.   


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