Merry Gear-mas…


More shoes?

One of my favorites days of the year was this week…Gear-mas.   I would probably do the marathon pacing for just a tshirt, but some years we get some really sweet gear.  This year was the best yet!   I got an embarrassing amount of really nice Under Armour gear.   Including shoes!  Tomorrow is the official road test, but I have to say after wearing them around all day I am impressed.   I never would have thought about Under Armour for running shoes, hence I guess the sponsoring of the pace team worked, because I really like them!

I started Jasper’s Rubik’s cube cake yesterday and finished it late this afternoon.  In the future I will leave custom cakes to professionals.  Notice I did not post a picture.  I had good ideas, but picked too fluffy of a cake and cream cheese icing didn’t work well either.  It tastes fantastic, and very obviously homemade, because the design execution looks like crap.   But Jasper loved it and said “mommy, you are a like a real cooker.” (Translation:   Looks like a professional baker made it).   So I guess mission accomplished.  I purchased these beauties for kids who are scared of my cube of multi colored icing…

And last medium long run done….let the taper begin!


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