Perfecting timing…

   Even more shoes!   LOVE my pink racing flats but way to scared to race in them.  Racing flats are only for the truly injury proof.

 Only birthday picture I managed to get.   Was probably running a fever of 101 here.
Yesterday was the Rubik’s cube bounce house party.   First I got in a nice 7 miler with friends then did the Bob Harper yoga DVD at home to save time.  That is seriously one tough yoga DVD and I am always sore the next day.   Then I ran a bunch of errands to get ready for the party including getting two primary colored balloon bunches (cube colors) that I failed to get a picture of.  We told Jasper that Mike had stuff to do around the house and couldn’t go to his party when really he was staying home to set up his trampoline that Jasper didn’t know he was getting. He’s young enough that he didn’t think it was weird his dad wasn’t going to his party.  

The party was generally loud bounce house chaos as expected.  The kids favored the cupcakes over the cube cake (shocker).  The kids all seemed super excited to get professional speed cubes as party favors.  Jasper seemed off all weekend.  Lots of fits and stomach issues on Saturday that we chalked up to birthday excitement.   He seemed fine Sunday morning but at his party made several requests to rest and didn’t eat any cake.  When we got home he made the best scream ever when he saw his trampoline but then just laid down in the middle of it to “rest”.  You know where this is going….checked his temp and of course a fever.  Lots of tears about missing school on his birthday and then I had to admit to myself my throat was a little scratchy too and I felt off as well.  

So it’s a sick day.   Jasper is officially sick while I’m just telling myself I’m fighting it off.  Plus I’ve gotten to wear comfy clothes today so I could wear my pacer pink racing flats all day.   I wish as I was fast as these shoes make me feel. It’s really perfect timing though.  You almost want to get sick two weeks out from a marathon.  Hard runs are done and there’s enough time to completely recover from whatever bug it is.   Last year Jasper got sick the day before the marathon and there were about 3 sleepless night in there.  Last night was pretty sleepless but I don’t have 26 miles to run today.  Now I just have to not injured myself on the trampoline and stay away from the remaining cupcakes….and maybe get some extra vitamin C.  🤒

2 thoughts on “Perfecting timing…”

  1. So sorry Jasper has sick on his special day, but how sweet that he just wanted to curl up on it to rest.
    Those pink shoes are awesome!

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