Austin marathon recap…aka it never gets easier…

 Post race with a favorite pacee….19 year old first time marathon finisher.  


On the couch with my favorite blankie partner after finally showering.   

The marathon is never easy for me.   That’s why I love the challenge but today was tough in a good way (ish).  This was my first year to pace a fast for me time: 4:00.   It was a pretty ambitious attempt on my part, encouraged by the fact my friend Meredith was the other pacer so at least I’d have moral support.  I felt pretty strong and fluid at Dallas 8 weeks ago so I suppose I due for a tough day.   

The positives:   The expo is always fun, you get the same questions over and over but sometimes you really help boost a runner’s confidence which is nice.   It’s a long day though and hardly ideal before a big race but you do what you gotta do.  This year we had two pacees stay with use from start to finish and smash their PRs.   That’s pretty awesome and inspiring to see.  4 hours is a pretty popular time goal so we always had people with us.  And I was definitely moving!  It felt good to put the training to use.   I sincerely trained for this and was really to work.  The marathon trials on tv the day before were a great inspiration.  Go Meb!  Mike and Jasper went to a house party at mile 19 and Jaspy made me a sign that made me tear up.  Seeing them made my day.   I had a lot of fun from 13 miles on….and I got my 16th Austin marathon finishline, and 15th Austin marathon (I’ve got one half Mary in the mix).  Always celebrate a finishline.

The negatives:   The first 13 were tough.   Maybe I just had a bit of a hard day or maybe 4:00 was a bit more than I could handle.  I had some negative thoughts for sure.   I already had planned to work on speed block  and then over the summer a steady build to try and get this dang marathon time back up a bit.  So I’ll need some training and soul searching to decide if I’m back for 4:00 next year.  I’d like to get 20 Austin marathons and this is a nice way to do it, but we shall see.  

And the really negative, Jaspy had an asthma attack yesterday evening and was up all night.  The exact same thing happened last year after the marathon.  So I was up all night.  I can’t say I’m feeling great right now, but work calls    Groan……

And even though no one reads this, huge thanks to all the marathon volunteers who are the heart of the race, thanks to my friend Kevin for saving my arm warmers, my fam for putting up with my hobby that is pretty all consuming, my pacing partner Meredith for not leaving me along the side of the road, and my running buds for helping get through so many long runs.  I’m a pretty lucky runner…

Austin marathon……see you in 2017.


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