Recovery and flying…

Getting ready to fly

 Post flying treat from Baked by Amy’s

Ah, recovery week.   A mix of soreness, happiness, tiredness and a touch of the blues.  Last week the goal was recovery.   I went with the “no running until pain free” theory and did a mini run Thursday and my first real run on Friday.  Easy runs this weekend, and my only overly ambitious moment was I did a bit of easy weight work at the gym (or so I thought) and I am pretty sore again today.   I ate a lot and Jaspy even agreed to a nap on Sunday which was heaven.  After some time to reflect, l felt better about my pacing.  I was a little bummed it was hard for me for about half the race, but after a day or so passed, I realized making the pace team again at 4 hours is a great yearly goal, and one that will keep me working.  I’m probably the only pacer who is excited for next year with 51 weeks to go, and designing a 51 week training plan ( I kid, but just slightly).  

Post marathon meant the weekend wasn’t focused so heavily on running so we did Jaspy’s IFly indoor skydiving trip he had got for Christmas.  I didn’t fly this time, but maybe next time. It’s pretty expensive, but I told him he could have another flight for kindergarten graduation.  He was incredibly cute while flying…and it’s pretty cool.  Just not something to do everyday weekend.  $$$$$$

The weather has been pretty mild which makes running so much fun.  Despite a little case of post marathon blues, I’m pretty excited for some springtime running and my handful of shorter races.  Lots coming up:  a couple weeks of treadmilling, spring break, San Antonio overnight trip with a half marathon race!!!! And then Jaspy and I go to KC and I do some OZ racing.  Cannot wait!


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