Nice weekend miles and the little trauma patient…

The weekend started out great….a beautiful 13 mile run, monthly massage appointment (yes, I am spoiled), a girls night out which I do hardly ever…..Sunday started good with a tempo run, yoga and then Jaspy and I went hiking while Mike headed out of town.  We went to an area with cliffs, and even though he was in front of me and I was watching him, suddenly Jasper fell off.  

No need for a punchline…..he’s ok.   I guesstimate it to be about an 8-10 foot fall and my initial thought was he’d grab something but then I watched in complete horror as his head hit a ledge and he hit the bottom.   There was a couple playing with their dog and immediately rushed over and I figured I pretty much traumatized them since I was screaming.  It happened so fast, I just remember the guy lifting Jasper up and he was crying and moving everything so I knew he was at least mostly ok.  I must have thanked the couple a million times.   We weren’t far in at all so somehow got back to the car and took DaVinci home. ( who was sorta freaked out) and went to the ER.   

The end result was some lacerated ear cartilage dermabonded back together and a pressure dressing to prevent the ear from ending up looking like a boxer’s, and a few scrapes.   I still feel like it was a small miracle that was all to come of it, as it was about the worst fall I ever care to witness.  So we’ve opted to keep our excitement level low the rest of the week and have sworn off ever hiking at Bull Creek again.   And I already bought tickets for Zootopia and splurged for 3D for this weekend.  Hopefully no popcorn or 3D glasses related injuries will occur….

2 thoughts on “Nice weekend miles and the little trauma patient…”

  1. I don’t know about you but, despite being a nurse, I totally freeze up and freak out when my kids get hurt. I forget everything I ever knew and get hysterical. I’m so glad he’s okay. That must have been so scary.

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