Cotton candy….$3 for about one bite

 Retail therapy….fancy running clothes for KC trip
 Kite festival.

Busy, busy week last week.   Jaspy seemed pretty unscathed from his cliff diving.  He was a little clingy for a few days and by the weekend was back to normal.  All that resulted from the fall is a small scar behind his ear that’s  not very noticeable.   Very lucky.  

I ran on the treadmill all week and did my second week of Yasso 800s.   For the uninitiated, you run an 800 in your marathon goal time in minutes.   So if you’re marathon time is 4 hours, you run a 4 minute 800, then jog 800.   Repeat as needed.    I like it because it’s speedwork, but very controlled.   The first couple don’t feel bad and the last couple feel awful.    The goal is to work up to 10 of them, but that’s over several months.   

We had the pacer party Saturday and I took Jaspy with me to spare him an evening of childcare.  I feel bad sticking him in childcare on weekends since he’s in all week.  He was really good and I ended up winning a Rogue running giftcard, which was promptly spend the next day after we hit up the kite festival.  The weather was fantastic last week, which was sorta a bummer since I ran inside all week.  This week is rainy but I’ve managed to get out the last two mornings before the bulk of the rain hit.  More Yassos today on the roads.   Ouch.

Looking forward to a long outdoor run this weekend. …..then racing next week.  

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