We saw James and the Giant Peach at the local theater over the weekend.  I was super impressed with the quality of the production.   And we had great seats!

After a rainy week with outside running, this is a beautiful week with treadmill running.  Go figure.  I did get out Saturday for my longest run since the Austin marathon, 15 miles at brushy creek.  My friend, Dawn, joined me and it was a really nice run.   I just love running out there so much and it is such a recharge after the work week.    We just ran easy.  I’ve been doing my speed day during the week, and this weekend I’ll see if it did any good at the Alamo half marathon.

Spent my whole lunch break on marathonguide.com.  Crazy, but spring is when fall marathon plans get made.  I also realize I have a bucket list item to do one international marathon.  50 marathons and at least one of them not in the US before I retire from marathoning.   Dream international races:  Reykjavik, Lisbon, or London.   Also US dream marathon is Chicago.  Sounds like the big experience without the awful logistics of New York or Boston.  This is why smart phones and free time are dangerous.  If I’d had a margarita with lunch, I probably would have signed up for something today.  Good thing we don’t have margaritas at the hospital I work at.  😁🍸


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