Easter sloths and another race week…

So I’m a little late getting Easter pictures out….I guess it was just a busy week.  Last week was a pretty good week of running including a 15 miler in perfect running weather.  This week I had a couple treadmill runs and a couple outside runs and then this weekend I have the Austin 10/20 race.  It’s my last “effort” until Texas racing season starts back up in the fall so I plan to push.   Weather is looking good, so no excuses.   I’m skipping my run with friends tomorrow to rest my legs even though it’s killing me not to meet them.

Easter already seems like forever ago, although I still seem to be eating plenty of candy.   Jasper is really into sloths lately, so he got an Easter sloth.   I love when he’s into something that we’ll do “research” on the internet about.  And not looking up video game stuff.   And baby sloths are pretty much the cutest thing ever.

This will be quick a post…I’ll get a race report up Sunday evening…hopefully a good one!

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