Happy Marathon Monday…

 It’s marathon Monday….Happy Boston day to all the runners.   I had a marathon Monday of my own over the weekend.  Jasper and I traveled to Kansas City to visit Stephanie and her family and as a bonus she and I got to catch up while running the Garmin half marathon.  Did you know Garmin is headquartered in Olathe, KS?   Who knew, right?   The goal of the race was just to catch up and chat the whole way and collect the cool Wizard of Oz themed medal.   While we had a great time catching up, this is a pretty dull course.  But the race was very well done with great volunteers and a nice finish area.  And the best medal I have ever received.   So if you are a bling junkie, do this one.  If you want a fast course with lots of crowd support, maybe skip it.  

The rest of the trip was really a great time.   A huge thanks to Stephanie and her family of welcoming us and providing some childcare…which goes way above and beyond.   We did so many fun activities.  Jasper’s tears started the minute we hit the airport that he was so sad to go and leave his new friends.   

We had a couple small hiccups with cough and fever in day one, a hunger strike and a 4 hour delay coming home which meant a VERY late night for a 6 year old.   So you know if despite all that we still had a great time it had to be pretty good!

But…….a touch bittersweet.   I miss having Steph as a running buddy.  But at least it’s relatively easy to visit her.  We’ll be back.

2 thoughts on “Happy Marathon Monday…”

  1. We had an amazing time too. We had our second family game night involving Ticket To Ride last night and Amelia keeps asking when we get to hang out with Jasper again. She said, “he is fun to dance with.” Can’t wait for the next opportunity. Hopefully we can schedule some time when we are in Austin this July.

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