It’s all about the base…running update…

You’d never know he can actually be quite naughty…

Who do you think did this?

 I realized this weekend I’ve only got about another month of “base building” before I start to work towards a fall/ winter marathon.  I usually don’t love off seasons but this year I think I really needed it to try and get my pace up.  I also realized as you get older, even if you’re running,unless you work on some quicker runs, you get lose aerobic conditioning even if still running regularly.  Depressing for sure, but I’ve been trying to get back to a point where long runs don’t wear me out.  I’ve been doing one speed day a week, a 15 mile long run every other week, and working a pushing a mid week run up in distance.   I also did some really fun shorter races.  Loved that and will do it again next year!    The mid week run is the tricky one.  It’s so hard to get up any earlier, but I think to run a better marathon I need more than one double digit run a week.  I’ve pushed it to 8/9 miles though, so I’m on my way.  I’ve ordered the second edition of Advnaced Marathoning and plan to use it as my “coach”.  No really this time I swear……I am horrible, horrible, horrible at sticking to a plan, but this time I mean it!!!
I also have had the realization in the last couple months that I can do more for myself now.   Jasper is 6 and while he’s not one to self entertain, he’s not as needy as back in toddler days.  He is willing to go play video games while I nap a little after a long run.   This makes a HUGE difference.  I used to do 20 miles and go all day without any breaks, and now things aren’t quite as crazy.  He also is willing to play  video games a bit in the morning and let Mike sleep while I do a long run,  so the major guilt of disrupting the whole family isn’t there anymore.  I guess I can’t be anti-screen time and do marathons too. 😕.   Something has got to give….

Now about choosing a race.   I love to have a goal on my horizon.  I’m leaning towards the Dallas marathon again, but I’m going to consult with my running buddy, Nancy, who has run 17 Boston marathons and doesn’t seem to get slower.  Part of me says book two races so if weather/ health craps out on one I get a back up.  Last year I had crap weather at almost everything, and ended up booking a last minute replacement race.

So that’s my plan.   Plans don’t always happen, but I can try!

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