All in…

Lots of running updates!   I was chugging along and then had a routine doctor appointment with a new PCP.   We were chatting and turns out she’s a runner and recommended her running group.  I’ve never joined a running group, but she planted a seed.   I’ve pretty much lost most my running buddies to moves or they no longer do marathons.   I decided to at least look into it and contacted the coach.   And just for good measure, I contacted another very popular group in town.  The popular group never responded to me.  The coach of Team Aussie ( the group I’d heard about), responded right away and was very inviting, plus I liked the fact it was smaller and more personable.   So I did it.  I paid the monthly dues (which were  very reasonable) and met them today for the first run of fall marathon training.  I also decided if I’m going to do this, I need to go all in, and follow their plan and not do my own thing on the side.  So I dropped my miles to match theirs and did a 9 mile hilly run today, instead of 15 flat miles I’d do on my own.  I was pushed and ran much faster than I would have on my own and really liked the vibe of the group.  Afterwards there were smoothies.  So I am in!   I’m really excited and think this will be good for me.  Plus it’s very close to my house and it’s a full week of workouts.  I cannot make the weekday times ( stupid downtown job!), so I’ll have to do that part on my own,  but as the marathon runs ramp up I will have a group to run with!

Which brings me to a fall marathon.  Since this is an experiment and I want to follow the group and it was too late to register for Chicago which a couple of them are doing….I registered for the Frankenthon (very small local race) again.  It’s low cost, guilt free, and hopefully gives me a good shot at a Boston qualifier.  

So I’m pretty psyched.  This is a whole new way of running for me and the first time I have ever trained for a marathon and not written my own plan.  

That’s the  biggest news in my running world.   My only exciting picture this week is a homemade lasagna I made.  Even the sauce is from scratch and there’s a ricotta filling with two cups of basil leaves blended into in there.  Gotta love runner food…

1 thought on “All in…”

  1. Your new running group sounds awesome. Great idea to join.
    I can almost smell the lasagna, looks delicious!

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