Seems to be working…

Poop emoji cupcakes as requested by Jasper. They have a chocolate malt buttercream…mmmmm.

I survived my first week of real group training.  Sorta.  I couldn’t actually meet the group during the week, but did the two quality workouts on my own, but had a friend meet me for both, so I wasn’t truly on my own.  First off,it was more repeats than I would have given myself.  The track workout was not all that bad.  As with any track workout the first couple repeats seem horrible but then suddenly I realize I’m on number 6 and almost done.  The other quality workout was hill repeats and once again, it was more than I would have given myself but doable.  I was a little sore by Friday but I also  did some gym time and ashtanga yoga which always kicks my butt hard.  I will saying paying for the group does give me a great deal of motivation to do it.  Having someone else tell me what to do even though I could easily come up with workouts on my own seems to also make me do the workouts.   The miles are less than I would have done on my own but way more quality workouts.  I was excited to meet the group again this morning and ran a lot quicker than I would have on my own, plus company was nice.  So I think so far it’s working.  I’m signed up for an 8k in a couple weeks but may just do the kids run with Jasper, but if I do race it will be a great test to see if the speed work is starting to sink in.  

Also, I learned tonight that if you plan a very rare girls night out to dinner at a restaurant in a shopping area, and you are all runners, and there is a lululemon and an Athleta in the shopping area, it quickly becomes a very expensive night out.  🙄

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