Workouts and birthdays…

First attempt at cake balls. Need to work on my dipping technique…

Three weeks into being in the running group and hit a snag of Mike being out of town for the weekend workout.  Coach was nice enough to do it with me Friday and then I was able to go to the core class immediately after.  I was off Friday to volunteer at school.  Hills + being pushed +45 min. of core= potential to be very sore.   Then I was outside in the sun the rest of the day at field day and then a pool party.  I tried my best to hydrate but I feared major soreness the next day.  I tried an Epsom salt soak for the first time and I am sold!  Not any leg soreness to speak of the next day.  Bad headache from dehydration though.  😞

This past weekend we had 4 kid birthdays plus regular stuff.  It was super busy and Jasper was just off all weekend with 4:30 wake ups and grouchiess.  It was one of those weekends I was actually ready for Monday.  I was on the treadmill and did a recovery easy run Saturday and then did my workout Sunday.  Jasper was up so early I had company the whole time for both and Sunday I told him I had to focus and to save all his requests for post workout.  I was impressed he let me do the whole workout and I made it another week of getting in all the workout days! Major victory.   Making cake balls was about the only thing I did that wasn’t a run or attending a birthday party.  

Assuming I complete my workout tomorrow I’m officially three weeks into my “real” workouts.   I must be doing them hard enough, because I truly run easy on my easy days.   I’m still looking very forward to bumping up to longer distances, but I can tell I’m in an actual process and I can already tell I’ve picked up the pace.  All this babbling is my way of saying I’m super optimistic and feeling very excited about the whole thing.  It’s all so new to me. I’ve been writing all my own plans for over 20 years.  This is a huge shift!

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