Autism speaks 1 mile run…aka get this kid some intervals, quick!

Proud finisher.

Free climbing in rock climbing class

Yesterday was the Autism Speaks 8k/ kids run.  I signed Jasper up for the kids run.   A friend was on the board of this event and we mainly did it to support her and give money to a good cause.  I was registered to race, but as I’ve learned in the past, it’s better to sometimes just focus on the kids run and not stress about warming up, etc with a kid in tow.  I ran my groups 10 mile hill route the day before and had to work pretty hard to keep the guys in sight so I wouldn’t make a wrong turn.  Woke up at 4:15 to get in a treadmill run before the kids run and it was raining….which ended up scaring away a lot of runners.  I had some friends there and it was so small I easily could have raced while they watched Jasp.  Dang it….plus there was nice gift cards for prizes that normally I wouldn’t be in contention for.   BUT, it was fun to cheer on my friends who did race and have a stress free morning!  Jasp totally rocked the kids run.  This was the first run he didn’t cling to me and sorta walk most of it.  He shot out at the start and I couldn’t keep up with him and he ran just about the whole way.  I was amazed how he transformed into such a little runner in less than a year.  It was a great confidence builder for him as he suffers from a little underconfidence.  The low turn out meant lots of time at the kids post race events.   After finally  showering 6 hours or so after I woke up, Jasp and I went and saw Angry Birds.  So many good looking kids movies coming out this summer…I can’t wait!

Today woke up to pouring rain.  It’s supposed to rain everyday this week, and I hated to bail on a run.   Tried to cancel with Steve but couldn’t reach him which was for the best because as he arrived it was light drizzle and we made it through the whole run.   Took Jasp to a trampoline place since it was pouring by mid morning, plus he’d been up since 4am, so go figure that he was bored by 9am. (An aside….I still cannot believe that he regularly gets up at 4:00).    Then he played with neighbors and swam in their pool the rest of the day.  He’ll be tired tonight.   And this is the last week of school.   We are so ready for summer!

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