And so it begins…

Summer kicked off this week and I cannot believe I have no pictures….so you get DaVinci.  Jasper had his last day of school and I was able to leave work early to make it to their party.  We’ve already started endless swimming once the rain let up.  It rained everyday last week a ton.  Jasp and I are compiling a list of Pinterest crafts and desserts we want to make this summer.  If ever there was time to be envious of teachers….I wish I had summer off!  We have so many things planned!

This was a down week on the running schedule.   There were two workouts but they weren’t too hard.   The challenge this week was two days of 3:30 am wake ups for our conference at work.  I had to shuffle the schedule some and actually did a workout one of the days, waking up up just a little earlier.   I’m glad it’s done.  That is about my waking up early limit.  Combined with all the end of school activities, I was glad it was a down week.  I was pretty tired.  Today I ran alone and I feel like my “easy” pace is starting to pick up after a month of 2-3 consistent speed days a week.  This week is supposed to pick up miles and I’m excited.  I’m ready to feel like fall marathon training is really happening.  

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