The new, “new” pace and busy summer…

Eleven years ago (yikes, time flies) I spent the summer converting myself to an ultra runner.   Everything about running was new again as we adopted “the new pace” (slower to accommodate more miles) and practiced eating on the run, and made new friends.   As is the case with most big goals, the journey was the best part, not necessarily  the final destination.   That’s sorta the case this summer.  Except not converting into an ultra runner, but a faster runner.  There is a new pace for sure….everything is either much faster or much slower.   I’ve got a nice little group of new buddies and it’s great to have the support on the hard days.  Even thought I still do a lot of the work solo, texting friends keeps me accountable.  This week was the first time I got a big drop in my track times which was really exciting.  I haven’t done this much speed work since high school and it was nice to see it finally took me to a new gear.    I have no idea if ultimately I’ll end up that much faster, but it’s fun to have all new routes, all new running and new friends.  

Otherwise summer is insanely busy.  I have no idea how we managed during the school year, and I already fear the fall for all the things that will be going on.   I had a mini meltdown this weekend that I just need one day that isn’t go, go , go from wake up to bed time.   Maybe this weekend?   I thought summer was supposed to be lazy…

And now some go, go , go begins.   Gym, day, swimming,  groceries, and vet appointment.  At least one small thing in this house seems to have an appointment every week, hence part of the insanity.  It may be an iced coffee day…

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