Best Disney park and hard runs…

Hours spent this summer doing this…..

At Disney California Adventure….best Disney park!

The summer continues to fly by, and anytime I go anywhere near this blog I’m interrupted.   But my blogging would consist of “we swam!”, my workout nearly killed me!”, ” where does all the time go!”  

Last week we went on vacation to SoCal to visit family.  Jasper got to spend a lot of time with cousins all in his age range, so that was a lot of fun for him.  We also had TWO days at Disney.  Our first vaycay day everyone was at work and busy and we were on our own, and said its our money, why not do what we want to do and added an extra day at Disney.   We did California  Adventure, and I loved it.   All the best stuff from WDW in Flordia , but not spread amongst three parks, all in one.  Our top three rides were Tower of Terror, grizzly river Rapids and the Cars radiator springs ride.   I could do a huge post on how awesome I thought this park was but I’ll shorten it to just saying if you are in SoCal then do it!   The next day we did Disneyland with family and had a blast.  It was definitely more crowded than DCA though.   

So lots of walking.    It was a recovery week for the running group so that worked out great.  The morning we left I did our one hard session and was really sore on our first Disney day.  The other runs were all pretty easy and easily fit in with being out of town.  My aunt gave me really good directions to a bike path along the ocean, so I did that in 65 degrees.  Coach ordered easy pace, which I did, but I was still a little bummed I wasn’t any faster than easy pace at home despite no humidity and such mild weather.  This weekend was a really hard workout with race pace segments scattered throughout our whole long run, and I had no dinner the night before and had gotten in late.  I was also worried about the heat since I had had the last 5 days in really mild weather.  I got through it, but only due to my training partners.   We worked together with me watching pace and my buddy Rich watching time.   I love being part of this group and was really looking forward to hooking back up with them!

And back to work tomorrow.  Should be another crazy week.   I will be playing catch up and the workouts will be hard.    And there will be endless pool trips thrown in there too.   Gotta love summer…