Short update…

Only pic of Six Flags, a few moments in AC playing air hockey.

This will be brief.  Summer has flown by and has been too busy.   We swam a lot, and work got too busy for all those little extra days off I wanted.   Jasper mastered a front flip off the diving board, and I took my 800 down 15 seconds.  In addition to a Disney trip, we went to Six Flags this weekend and it was BRUTAL.   Over 100 degrees with hour plus waits and no real areas to escape the heat and the food situation was a nightmare.  But Jasper and his friend LOVED it and he declared it to have the best rides.  Worth it.

I am loving the training group and am getting more used to hard-easy-hard.   The easy days are super easy and the hard days are much more intense than I was doing in the past.  We have recovery weeks that have me itching to run more and then build weeks with runs everyday.  I am loving doing something so different and really enjoy time with my new running buds.   I’ll detail it more later, but now I am off to work…..

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